Future proof SMCR compliance with regtech solutions

Is your firm struggling to meet the FCA’s specific requirements for SMCR? Our white paper explores how regtech solutions, including SMCR technology, can help you to comply with this regulation and uphold the standards expected of your firm.


Meet the required standards expected by the FCA

This white paper looks at the key drivers behind the Senior Managers Certification Regime (SMCR) alongside the core tenants of the regulation and how this applies to financial services. It discusses the benefits of technology and how a regtech platform can simplify compliance with SMCR.

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Key takeaways

Understand the FCAs viewpoint

Gain insight into why these changes are required and how it will positively impact your firm

Meet the key expectations

An in-depth look into what you need to do to comply

The benefits of regtech

Learn what regtech is and how it can help you overcome compliance challenges

Compliance during covid-19

Turn the challenges of remote working into opportunities for positive change

Looking towards the future

How technology can streamline compliance activities going forward

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Discover how technology can future proof SMCR compliance

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