How to solve document management challenges

21 September 2018

illustration of q-pulse being used in healthcare
How to solve document management challenges

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Before we dive into this, a quick introduction is probably in order. I’ve been helping customers turn their document management challenges into positive outcomes for nearly 20 years now. During that time, my focus has been mainly healthcare-related, with a sprinkling of central government, blue light, and a couple of other sectors.

As document management is a critical and integral part of a robust multi-faceted quality management programme, the experience I’ve gained over this time has been invaluable. As a result, I’m able to help my healthcare customers navigate the minefield that is most healthcare accreditation processes such as ISO 15189 and Quality Standard for Imaging (QSI) to name just a few. The processes and desired outcomes are very similar across most sectors and organisations: efficiency, accuracy, rapidly leveraging information and data to support key business decisions and outcomes.

Reaching and maintaining compliance

Whatever sector you currently work in, compliance and accreditation for a specific standard or set of standards will be at the forefront of your daily activities. Like all businesses and organisations these days, the chances are if you don’t have such accreditation already, you will be working towards them.

I think it probably goes without saying that in many cases, adherence, let alone actual compliance, requires a hugely complex effort by a lot of people on an ongoing basis to achieve. The risks in not achieving compliance are massive with the potential for reputational damage, temporary closure or worse. That effort is only multiplied ten-fold where there are siloed, manual, paper-based systems in place to support this. Kind of like trying to steer a super tanker with a dingy rudder – you get the idea.

Electronic document management

In the digital era, if there was one business function that can and will benefit from an electronic approach, it is quality management. Anyone who has been involved in trying to achieve ISO accreditation using nothing but excel spreadsheets, paper, and email will certainly agree with this. Timeliness, accuracy, and collaboration are all so much harder to achieve efficiently with such a manual approach.

That’s where Ideagen and Q-Pulse comes in …

Q-Pulse is Ideagen’s highly respected and widely recognised quality management software solution. With all the key functionality a quality manager could ever require available out of the box, Q-Pulse’s integrated structure, highly configurable modules and simple intuitive user engagement, ultimately provides a significantly more efficient, accurate, robust and collaborative way of ensuring compliance and accreditation is achieved.

To find out how Q-Pulse can address your document management challenges, safeguard reputation and focus on innovation rather than process, request a free demo.

Ideagen's Dave Appleby
Written by

Dave Appleby

David helps healthcare, public sector and other organisations establish, maintain and improve their Quality Management Programs. With an extensive background in document management with global systems integrators and other businesses, David clearly understands the increasing challenges faced by such organisations both locally and globally. More importantly, David successfully leverages Ideagen’s world class GRC solutions to enable our customers to confidently meet their compliance obligations, allowing them to then focus on the innovation that is central to any organisations success and growth.

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