QSI Software For Medical Imaging Departments

More than 40 million radiology examinations were carried out in the NHS in England in 2014, putting imaging services at the heart of modern medicine. Millions of admissions, outpatient appointments and A&E attendances rely on imaging services at some stage in ensuring effective diagnosis.  Ideagen's QSI software solutions can help your department achieve and maintain QSI accreditation.

Developed by the Royal College of Radiologists and the Society and College of Radiographers, the QSI standard is recognised as the gold standard for imaging services, with accreditation providing assurance to patients, the public and staff that services are safe and of high quality.

The Quality Standard for Imaging (QSI) was previously known as the Imaging Accreditation Scheme (ISAS). The name change has been put into place to better reflect the relevance and importance to all services which allows patient-centred care to be delivered safely. There have been no changes to the standard itself.


Improve quality and safety with Q-Pulse

We provide information management solutions to more than 150 NHS trusts and health boards – including more than 50 imaging departments – enabling the delivery of safe, high-quality services that meet patients’ needs but at the same time ensure the efficient and effective use of resources.

Our quality and safety management solution, Q-Pulse, helps imaging departments to meet the requirements of national and international regulations and standards including MPACE, IR(ME)R, ISO 9001 and QSI, in order to assure patients, the public and staff of the quality and safety of services.

Q-Pulse helps imaging departments to achieve and maintain QSI accreditation by:

  • ensuring effective diagnosis through quality image production
  • improving the quality of care with streamlined and robust processes
  • increasing capacity to help improve service quality and safety

Key components of Q-Pulse for QSI include:

We help more than 150 NHS trusts and health boards in the UK to improve the quality and safety of services.

Our QSI software solution helps medical imaging departments to demonstrate compliance with regulations and standards in line with guidance from the CQC, MHRA and UKAS.

"Q-Pulse has played an important part in ISAS accreditation for us. To have all of our documentation in one central place and access each document via a keyword is outstanding."

Marie Morgan
Quality and Accreditation Co-ordinator of the Radiology Department
Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

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