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Co‑Authoring & Document Review Software

Escape the email chaos of document review with a secure web-based environment for real-time document collaboration.

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Business Benefits

Document review is a critical business process.  Regulatory authorities and certification bodies require organisations to have a document review process in place to ensure that documents are accurate, complete and up-to-date. 

But there can often be challenges in putting a document review process in place. Issues with performance, oversight and accountability can all affect the process and, ultimately, the accuracy, integrity and availability of documents.  Our document review software can help ensure that the document review process is controlled and transparent to cut down on the time, effort and cost of producing documents

  • Faster Document Turnaround

    Achieve faster turnaround of documents.

  • Improve Document Quality

    Improve document quality and control.

  • Collaborate Securely

    Collaborate securely with external parties.

  • Cut Time Spent Gathering

    Cut down time spent gathering comments.

  • Less Travel

    Less travel, fewer meetings.

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Critical Capabilities

To control and manage all aspects of the document review process, a secure web-based environment for real-time document collaboration is required.

Ideagen customers use our document review software solution for several increasingly enterprise-wide use cases, including preparation of regulatory submissions, technical documentation and proposals, bids or tenders.

  • Real-Time Collaboration

    Real-time collaborative environment.

  • Review in original format

    Review documents in their original format.

  • Automatic Comments Capture

    Automatic capture of comments, suggested changes and discussion thread.

  • Control Access and Visibility

    Control access and visibility of documents and sections.

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