Software for PPAP

Simplify the way you manage your Production Part Approval Process to ensure consistency and high quality with every production run.


Why production part approval process software?

Having an effective PPAP system in place enables manufacturers to meet this industry standard and ensure that the parts they manufacture meet the customer requirements on time and on budget. The software allows you to manage projects from start to finish, reducing the time and cost of validation and completing each part of the Production Part Approval Process.

Our product

Q-Pulse PM is Ideagen’s software for manufacturers, supporting all aspects of product management. It enables customers to meet APQP requirements, which include PPAP, in addition to providing NPI and FAIR functionality. The software allows you to easily track each stage of a project, ensuring all required checks and documentation have been completed successfully, reducing the time needed to complete these tasks.

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Process planning

Plan all stages of the manufacturing process and map out workflows to manage them.

Manage product requirements

Ensure parts produced meet the specs provided by the customer.

Highlight at risk PPAP tasks

Be notified if any stage of the PPAP process doesn’t meet the expected standards.

Collaborate with supply chain

Track and monitor all activities relating to your supply chain.

Establish workflows

Easily manage and assign tasks to the relevant individuals and track the status of them.


Gain better insights

Get an at-a-glance view of the status of PPAP submissions.

Deliver better results to customers

Consistently meet their expectations and needs on time without going over budget.

Better productivity

Reduce the time and costs spent on manually producing PPAP submissions.

Improve overall process

Work in a more efficient way and easily identify areas which could be developed further.

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