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01 August 2018

Instilling a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Housing Associations

By Fraser Doig

Providing social housing for thousands of families requires an incredible amount of commitment, planning and resources. Good management is crucial to making sure that this vision comes together. Housing organisations rely heavily on performance indicators to ensure that they meet the demands of the community and continue to drive value through progressive and sustainable business strategies. It comes as no surprise then, that a huge number of housing organisations turn to the power of technology to help manage these business-critical processes. The growing pressures on this industry, such as regulatory requirements, means that the need for a modern, fully-enabled performance and risk management system has never been higher. Here are a few of the advantages that this type of software application currently offers housing associations.



It is so important that information gathered is accurate, reliable and presented in a way that is clear and understandable to stakeholders. The ability to present this data in an all-in-one software application (as opposed to multiple reports and spreadsheets) is invaluable to housing organisations, as it lets senior managers know exactly how well they are performing against their business strategy. WM Housing Group came to realise this benefit after implementing Pentana Performance to help strengthen corporate compliance and oversight. The presentation of performance against objectives in easily digestible dashboards gave them a much more efficient way of reporting to the board, and improved overall productivity.



Performance and risk management software also improves productivity with the time savings it can bring. Many processes are automated, saving countless hours inputting data manually. WM Housing have managed to massively reduce the time it takes to tie together performance, risk and project reports since introducing Pentana Performance. The software application integrates with their back-end systems, meaning that information can be surfaced almost instantly. Another housing association saved “a huge amount of time and effort” with Pentana Performance by integrating it with another system to automate the calculation of performance indicator results. 


WM Housing Case Study Link


In today’s world, the risks businesses face are increasingly complex, and it is key that housing associations are able to capture the risks facing their business and mitigate them accordingly. This can arguably only be achieved through the use of powerful risk management software, as the accepted standard at which modern organisations are held at today is so high. Software such as Pentana Performance is able to increase risk awareness by linking risks to business objectives in interactive risk matrices and heat maps. The actions that need undertaking to mitigate those risks are expedited through an automated workflow, thus reducing risk exposure.

All the best housing associations’ are deeply committed to continuing improvement and achieving strategic objectives. It is equally important that this progress and how it’s being achieved can be seen by all members of staff and stakeholders, so that they can understand how well the organisation is performing and identify areas for improvement. Software designed for this exact purpose, such as Pentana Performance, can save a tremendous amount of time and money spent trying to collate this information, and lets housing employees focus more on delivering fantastic services.

Ideagen’s performance and risk management system, Pentana Performance, boasts over 50 housing associations as customers, and provides a modern, intuitive approach to managing performance and risk. Find out how our software could benefit you today.

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