Co-authoring Santa’s ‘Naughty or Nice List’ with PleaseReview

13 December 2021

Co-authoring Santa’s ‘Naughty or Nice List’ with PleaseReview

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Managing the annual ‘Naughty or Nice List’ for the world’s 2.2 billion children is a hefty and time-consuming task. How does Santa Claus keep track of children’s behaviour throughout the year and who helps him to write the list? When December arrives, Lapland’s CEO needs to ensure he has complete confidence in the final report that he will distribute to all the elves across the North Pole. Children’s Christmases depend on his final judgement!

Well, we can let you into a little secret: Santa’s grotto was struggling to manage their increasingly long and complex ‘Naughty or Nice List’ due to the rise in the global population. Elves were suffering from burn-out after working around the clock to gather weekly reports on children’s behaviour using manual processes. Sharing behaviour reports by post and email was causing version confusion and comments were often lost or overlooked.


To address this challenge, Santa decided to adopt PleaseReview to make the review process more efficient. This cutting-edge tool provides a collaborative workspace in which Christmas elves and external contributors can co-author and review the list in real-time. 

“We have almost eliminated the amount of time that our elves at the North Pole HQ spend collating comments into the next version of the ‘Naughty or Nice List’. This means that it is much easier to address and resolve conflicting reviewer comments.”

— Mr Cinnamon Bauble , Head of the ‘Naughty or Nice’ European Division , North Pole HQ


Key benefits

External collaboration

PleaseReview lets Santa collaborate with stakeholders beyond the North Pole, across different time zones, including children’s parents, guardians and teachers! Multiple users can access the list—seamlessly and simultaneously. The security of the platform also helps to keep the top-secret list hidden from the eyes of prying children.



Control and manage the document lifecycle

With PleaseReview Santa’s elves get automated email alerts each time a child’s guardian submits a new report or makes an amendment to the ‘Naughty or Nice List’. PleaseReview also sends out reminders to reviewers to ensure the list is kept up to date throughout the year. This fully controlled environment enables Santa to determine easily which presents he needs to allocate to each child on the run up to Christmas!


Differentiate between ‘co-authors’ and ‘reviewers’

While Santa is the owner of the Naughty or Nice List, he can give ‘co-authoring’ privileges to his elves who help him to keep the report up to date. In contrast, the status of ‘reviewer’ is conferred on selected people in a child’s life: their parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles or coaches. Reviewers can only propose amendments to the child’s report based on their observations of a child’s behaviour; however, the authors at the North Pole decide which changes to accept and reject. This system helps Santa and his elves to get a balanced picture of a child’s behaviour throughout the year.


Easily categorise comments as ‘naughty’, ‘nice’ or ‘undecided’

With PleaseReview, change and comment categorisation can be made mandatory, and the categories are fully customisable. Categories may be changed according to review type. Say you wanted to report that your child had misbehaved at school, but then apologised for it, you could mark the comment as ‘undecided’ until you see whether or not they keep up the good behaviour.


‘In-document’ control

PleaseReview also enables him to give the reviewers access to a specific paragraph or section of the report. This safeguards against reviewers spying on, and meddling with, the naughty/nice status of other children…!



Automatically see changes in real-time

Comments and changes are uploaded automatically, which is lucky given that Santa is working with reviewers across the globe. If the review is confidential, Santa can ensure that other reviewers cannot see sensitive contributions.


Discussion threads

Responses to comments and proposed changes are encouraged. These in-review conversations can lead to a better-quality document, as well as a fairer judgement on a child’s naughty/nice status!


Happy holidays!

Follow in the footsteps of the North Pole HQ and discover how PleaseReview enables you to collaborate easily, securely and simultaneously on complex documents.

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