Can a quality management system solution save the Workshop of Horrors in time for Halloween?

21 October 2021

Can a quality management system solution save the Workshop of Horrors in time for Halloween?

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It is a dark, gloomy night. The days are getting colder, and there’s something spooky in the air. This can only mean one thing: the Workshop of Horrors is busy preparing for Halloween.

Little does the workshop know, disaster is just around the corner. From faulty products and uncompliant processes to dangerous workplace operations, the Workshop of Horrors is in a frightening state.

When we heard about these issues, we could not help but wonder: could implementing a quality management system solution save The Workshop of Horrors from their doomed fate?

Let’s take a tour inside... 



Flight Zone – Faulty processes and broomstick blunders

The Workshop of Horrors must produce thousands of brooms for witches across the globe. Manufacturing all the different parts to create the perfect product requires great precision and accuracy. But when they tested their first production batch, the broomsticks were unable to carry passengers without snapping in two.

How did this happen? The Workshop of Horrors failed to test any sample parts before producing the entire first batch of broomsticks. This meant they did not notice that some parts did not meet the witches’ specifications, and they have been left with a faulty product. Now they could face some wicked consequences.

Using a quality management system (QMS) solution could help the Workshop of Horrors to align operations with required processes. This would help them to avoid mistakes, produce high-quality products and keep customers safe – so they won’t have to worry about receiving nasty curses from any angry witches.


Construction Calamity – Health & Safety Risks

You’d think building a haunted house would be simple for a workshop dedicated to all things Halloween. Think again.

The haunted house is looking more decrepit than creepy, and there have been health and safety related incidents that would make most of us shudder. The workshop might want to blame the resident poltergeist for the tumbling bricks, but these incidents are down to one thing only: an inadequate quality management system.

A fit-for-purpose QMS solution can help you take control and identify top risks before they happen, so that you can be ready to deal with them. If accidents or near misses do occur, a QMS solution can help you to manage health and safety incidents, in line with standards such as ISO 45001.


Manufacturing Mayhem – The non-conforming ghost train

Over by the ghost train, the Workshop of Horrors is experiencing an unfortunate number of non-conformances. As you may know, a non-conformance is where organisations fail to adhere to the requirements of ISO 9001, the industry standard that outlines QMS requirements.

In this case, the Workshop of Horrors have not clearly defined the materials involved in their manufacturing process, and they are missing important legal documents! If the workshop does not address these non-conformances, there could be a severe impact on their operations. And perhaps no ghost train.

A QMS solution could help them comply with industry standards like ISO 9001. It could support them to implement improved procedures, operate more efficiently, and be prepared for any challenge that confronts them. A good QMS also makes it easier to demonstrate that they have robust systems in place.


Crazy Laboratory – Data disasters

Scientists have tried to bring monsters to life before. It didn’t go to plan for Victor Frankenstein hundreds of years ago, and it isn’t going to plan for the Workshop of Horrors, either. Perhaps they should have listened to the data.

Going forward, a QMS solution could provide the workshop’s crazy laboratory with comprehensive, quality data at their fingertips. It could help them understand where things have gone wrong and take the guesswork out of decision-making, so that their mad scientists can stop hoping for the best and start achieving results.

What’s more, a quality management system would house all of their quality information in one place, making it easier to spot new opportunities. That way, they won’t have to rely on dubious experiments from pre-Victorian times and can potentially do better than Victor Frankenstein did.


Food Factory – Pumpkin Patch Failure

The last stop on our tour takes us to the food factory, where the Workshop of Horrors is busy producing the millions of pumpkins that are required each October. This Halloween, the factory introduced a new ingredient to their product, but it’s had an unexpected consequence.

The problem? The factory did not consider regulatory standards when implementing this change. The result? The pumpkins are rotting far too quickly and are not safe for consumption. Now they need to be thrown away, leading to a monstrous amount of food waste.

With a quality management system solution, the Workshop of Horrors could guarantee that their processes satisfy regulators and consumers, for example by conforming to industry standards like ISO 22000, which ensures an effective food safety management system is being followed. Also, by making sure products are right first-time, food waste can be prevented.


So, could a QMS solution shake up the Workshop of Horrors and turn things around?

We think so. Implementing a quality management system solution could help the Workshop of Horrors to reinforce a culture of quality throughout their entire operations by:

  • Aligning operations with industry standards
  • Providing easy access to quality data
  • Managing incidents
  • Avoiding mistakes and wasted resources
  • Improving processes for greater efficiency and productivity
  • Identifying top risks
  • Discovering new opportunities
  • Satisfying regulators and customers

Want to improve the way your organisation operates? Discover Q-Pulse QMS, our powerful quality management system solution.

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Written by

Abbie Glossop

As Digital Content Executive at Ideagen, Abbie is responsible for writing engaging and educational content for Ideagen’s digital channels. With a background in writing and social media, Abbie is committed to understanding the needs of our customers and providing insightful and valuable content that helps them to achieve their objectives.

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