10 helpful coronavirus resources

12 May 2020

10 helpful coronavirus resources

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The foreseeable future looks set to be a difficult and disruptive time and your business may be in need of crucial coronavirus resources to help weather the storm.

Here at Ideagen, we have compiled together a list of 10 coronavirus business resources you and your organisation might find useful for the coming months.

1. Coronavirus business statement

Your staff, customers and partners will appreciate clear, simple messages from your business leaders about how your organisation is acting and reacting to the latest coronavirus developments. Consider putting together a coronavirus statement detailing any changes (or not) to your working practices, travel arrangements, and office health and hygiene procedures.Share your statement by email with the relevant people or upload it into your document management system for staff to access. Consider adding it to your website as a public declaration of your business plans.

Here's our statement as an example. 

2. Government action plan

Keeping abreast of the latest guidelines, plans and mandates from the government is crucial for informing your own business practices.

The government's policy plan for the COVID-19 outbreak can be accessed here.

3. Key tips for effective contingency planning

There are plenty of resources on our website to help you build an effective contingency and risk assessment framework, if your business hasn't already got one.

We recommend homing in on a few key areas for the immediate coronavirus crisis:

  • Workforce continuity, including flexible working arrangements and a clear procedure if staff feel unwell
  • Contractual and financial risk, including any potential disruption to your ability to meet contractual obligations
  • Insurance arrangements
  • Operational logistics

4. Business continuity resources

Need help with your contingency and continuity planning? Watch our on-demand webinar for tips and advice on how to deal with the new normal.

5. WHO coronavirus dashboard

Access the World Health Organisation's coronavirus dashboard here to:

  • View the latest national developments and press releases
  • Track ongoing case frequency by country
  • Access guidance articles and help videos

6. Guidance for employers

View government best practice guidance for businesses and learn what you should do if:

  • Your staff are going to or returning from high-risk areas
  • A member of staff becomes infected
  • Your workspace contains or has contained someone believed to be infected

7. Brush up on your scenario analysis skills

It's important for business leaders to think quickly and adapt during times of disruption or upheaval. Scenario analysis is a key skill - try MindTools' 6-minute article to brush up on yours. Or try Jonathan Maack's chapter on scenario analysis here.

8. NHS advice

It's also crucial you look after yourself and know what to do if you feel you might be infected.

Read the NHS article on coronavirus for tips, dos and don'ts, and a direct link to the 111 online coronavirus service.

9. Remote working tools

You might be reading this from home. Modern remote working tools can keep your teams aligned and productive out of the office.

Ideagen use and recommend the following tools for remote working among staff and with customers:

10. Stay as happy as you can

With rising death tolls, cancelled holidays and severe day-to-day disruption, it's likely you're feeling more stressed, anxious or unhappy than usual.

The health and safety of you and your colleagues is crucial - and that includes mental wellbeing.

For additional coronavirus resources, read our quality report for an insight into the effect of the pandemic on the quality world. 

Written by

Alexander Pavlović

Alex produces targeted content to help Ideagen’s readers and customers navigate the complex world of quality, governance, risk and compliance.

Alex has worked with brands such as BT, Sodexo and Unilever and is passionate about helping businesses build a cohesive, collaborative culture of quality.

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