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Quality Management

Standardise and automate your quality management system, lay a foundation for compliance with regulations and standards and build a framework for business improvement with a single, integrated system.

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Business Benefits

Quality is critical to business in making sure that products and services can meet customers’ needs.

Over the last few decades, quality has moved beyond helping organisations comply with regulations and standards to helping them improve. In doing so, it’s now supporting a broader shift in industry towards making best use of data to improve business processes.

In that time, the responsibility for maintaining and improving quality has also shifted, from a single department to everyone in the organisation.

With quality present in every stage of an organisation’s processes, in making the move from compliance to business improvement, managing quality needs systems and services that can support organisations in working effectively and efficiently.

  • Define and Document

    Define and document systems, policies and procedures with robust change control.

  • Publish and Distribute

    Publish and distribute your QMS to all appropriate personnel, including supply chain.

  • Create A Framework

    Create a framework to demonstrate capability and competence for training and development.

  • Verify Compliance

    Verify compliance of policies and procedures through regular internal audit.

  • Report Incidents

    Report incidents, near-misses and complaints, create action plans and track through to completion.

  • Analyse Audits

    Analyse audits and findings, incidents and occurrences and determine causal factors and trends.

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Critical Capabilities

These four capabilities are critical to managing quality more effectively and efficiently, laying a solid foundation for a risk-based approach to quality.

Making it easier to keep accurate records, to see what’s outstanding and what’s been done and that everyone understands who’s responsible for carrying out quality-related activities all make compliance with regulations and standards more likely.

In addition, Ideagen’s quality management software integrates quality management with product lifecycle, safety and risk management processes to provide a robust framework for achieving business improvement.

  • Complete Overview Of Quality

    Complete overview of quality-related activities.

  • Detailed Analysis

    Detailed analysis of quality-related information.

  • Comprehensive Records

    Comprehensive records for each process.

  • Integrated Quality

    Integrated quality management processes.

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