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Quality Management Software

Eliminating the duplication of effort and the time spent searching for information in a plethora of systems, spreadsheets, databases, reports and filing cabinets, Q-Pulse provides all employees with a central focal point for all quality and compliance data, materials and activities. In addition, Q-Pulse makes management aware of areas in need of attention in order to achieve and maintain quality levels.

Benefits Of Effective Quality Management Software

  • Reduced exposure to the risks of non-compliance
  • Improved operational performance and efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Reputational strength with customers and other stakeholders
  • Better operational decision making and oversight
  • Streamlined administration processes and an end to silos
  • Optimised strategic capital investments

 Q-Pulse Features

Q-Pulse Documents Icon

Document Management

QPulse Capa Icon

ICorrective / Preventive Action

QPulse Audit Icon

 Audits and Findings

QPulse Reporting Icon


QPulse Training Icon

Staff Competency and Development

QPulse Assets Icon

Asset, Customer and Vendor Management

Quality Management Software Leader Since 1992

Ideagen is a leader in the provision of electronic Quality Management Software and compliance solutions to a range of sectors.

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HepcoMotion - Immediate Group Wide Benefits with Q-Pulse

ISO 9001:2015 demands a risk-based approach to Quality Management

The ISO 9001:2015 standard will adapt to the changing environments which companies operate in. All organisations that currently hold ISO9001:2008 are required to make the transition to ISO9001:2015 by September 2018.

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