Incident Management Software Solutions

Create and improve a culture of reporting and shared learning. To gain invaluable insights and to make informed decisions, businesses require accurate and up-to-date information. It is vital to foster an open reporting culture for stakeholders.

Drive efficiency, improve the accuracy of operational intelligence, increase the safety of staff and public and improve organisational visibility, oversight and control

Ideagen's incident management software solutions cover issues reporting and investigations management.

  • Mobile safety and incident reporting for front line staff.
  • Confidential tools for individuals to report observations related to issues as well as potential acts of fraud, theft, inappropriate behaviour, negligence or other wrongdoing.
  • Investigations management for issues, incidents, events, or cases.
  • Consistent workflow, documentation and processes for the management of occurrences including risk assessment and recording business impact.

Features of our incident management system

  • A central focal point for the effective capture of information minimises the risk of data inaccuracy and avoids data duplication.
  • Standardised reporting methods mean correct & high-quality information is being captured and analysed
  • Trend and root-cause analysis capability drives improvement, reduces organisational risk and increases business intelligence so that opportunities can be exposed
  • Integration with other systems provides a holistic view of business performance with data visible at all times
  • Mobile and web capability means data can be captured on-site and immediately to increase accuracy and quality of the report

Workflows are customisable to reflect the type of information being reported, the level of investigation needed and the required follow up action. These can include:

  • Incidents
  • Customer complaints and compliments
  • Supplier recalls and change control
  • Product issues and improvement suggestions
  • Ratings & classifications

The Reporting capability means the software is very much a viable SMS solution, particularly in an environment where front-line reporting is at such a high volume. With this ability, it is a strong platform for aviation SMS, and SMS in general.

David Deveau, Director of Safety Quality and Environment at Jazz Air

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Coruson GRC Cloud

Extensive Incident and Near Miss Reporting, Investigation and Action Tracking

Coruson's flexible approach to reporting lets you manage all aspects of incident reporting and investigation from simple checklists to full-blown accident investigations.

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Real-Time Analysis and Business Intelligence

Coruson's reporting capability boosts the real-time analysis of your business via intuitive dashboards. With its analysis capability, you always have oversight of where you are exposed from a compliance viewpoint, as well as a comprehensive view of all outstanding actions across the incident tracking system.

  • Custom dashboards and reports.
  • Action thresholds and use in-built escalation capability to address situations where the incident management system is being ignored or poorly maintained.
  • Automatically generate reports for management regulators and customers.
  • In-depth Trend Analysis to identify improvement opportunities.

Accurate, Mobile Reporting is Key to High Performance

Traditional methods of reporting – from using paper to Windows-based forms in an electronic system – are dated.

Paper forms are cumbersome and bring difficulties, such as the time it takes to locate a specific form for a particular incident. Manual systems act as a sea anchor on productivity, bogging people down in admin and sluggish, bottlenecked processes.

With advancements in technology, a modern incident reporting system should be web-based, cross-platform and able to provide an organisation with live data and performance indicators, strengthened with rich content such as annotated images, video clips and GPS functionality.  Our incident management software is the perfect solution.

 The Next Generation for Incident Reporting in Healthcare

Q-Pulse Mandatory Reporting System (MRS) takes CAPA and risk management to the next level by allowing you to conduct a risk assessment against any incident and then help to mitigate that risk by putting control measures in place.

  • Replicate your current incident management system, transforming the data within your forms
  • Risk assess incidents and mitigate risk through control measures
  • Analyse trends and root causes
  • Reduce the time and effort spent on audit preparations
  • Make data available to other IT systems or databases

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