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Ideagen launches new ‘Charts’ enhancement within Pentana Performance

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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Ideagen has unveiled a new enhancement in its cloud-based performance and risk management software, Pentana Performance.

The new ‘Charts’ functionality has been launched and billed as a further step in helping organisations introduce a digital workplace.

The enhancement provides an increasingly agile approach to performance and risk management, providing users with a number of increased benefits including;

  • Visualisation of high-impact data to help make quick and accurate business decisions
  • Tracking and trend analysis of performance progress through annual charts
  • Analysis of large, diverse and complex data in real-time
  • Ability to compare values against targets
  • Increasing agility, interaction & general communication across the workplace

Gordon McKeown, Ideagen’s Head of Product, said the new enhancement was a “big step” forward in providing organisations with real insight into business performance.

He added: “Top companies put their people at the forefront of their businesses.

“The introduction of ‘Charts’ within the Pentana Performance solution marks a big step in workplace digitisation and provides a more agile approach to performance and risk management.

“It allows businesses and departments to foster a people-first culture and allows them to reap the benefits of improved productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction.

“This is a step beyond viewing simple dashboards and instead is a move towards better business intelligence that allows organisations to quickly see how they are performing against a particular project or business strategy using live data.”

‘Charts’ will allow users to link performance indicators to business strategy as well as monitor performance for continuous development and improvement.

The functionality has also been designed to improve overall communication between senior management and departmental staff, track performance indicators and align employee strengths to maximise output.

Pentana Performance is cloud-based performance management software that helps organisations meet targets and achieve objectives, comply with regulations and standards and anticipate problems and opportunities.

Since 2003, Pentana Performance has been used by hundreds of organisations globally to manage strategic goals and risks, including City of Orlando, WM Housing Group and the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

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