Keeping everything running and staying on top of the latest technology

Technology at Ideagen

Our technology teams are made up of Research & Innovation and I.T support.

Research & Innovation: The Research and Innovation Department leads innovation within Ideagen and beyond. It is a team with a broad remit to revolutionise the way both software is developed and our business is run. R&I also investigates and researches some of the most critical emerging topics within technology today, including Ethics in Technology, Fairness in AI and Social Responsibility.

IT Support: When you feel your day isn’t going quite right at work and suddenly a program or file you need stops working, the Ideagen IT Service Desk is there to save the day. Armed with a dedicated and helpful team and Service Desk portal, it will get you back up and running as soon as possible. Its ever-growing collection of  knowledge articles is at hand for quick self-service or submitting a ticket will get a team member on the case.

Cyber Security Unit: The Cyber Security Unit (CSU) is responsible for monitoring, detecting, containing, and remediating threats across all Ideagen's operations globally. The Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a major component of the CSU. Using a variety of technologies and processes, the SOC uses the latest threat intelligence to determine whether an active threat is occurring, the scope of the impact, as well as the appropriate remediation, involving collaboration with other Ideagen teams and subject matter experts (SMEs). 

Other teams that work with the department