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The beauty of a software free trial is you get to realise the value before you buy it. So, why should you do a free trial and how can you measure the success of it?

When it comes down to the free trial, it helps solve these fears:

  • Are we sure our staff will use the software, or like it?
  • Will the solution complement our existing IT ecosystem?
  • Do we have the time to implement this properly?
  • How can we get a return on investment? Which areas of the business will benefit?

The Huddle free trial experience

First of all, the free trial is of the full platform – you get access to everything for the free trial period, which is 30 days. We believe this is the perfect amount of time to get staff using the software and feeling the benefits. You’ll be able to use Huddle immediately to collaborate seamlessly both internally and externally, to store, share and work on documents, and more.

An excellent free trial needs to get into the end users’ hands as quickly as possible. Once you’ve requested the free trial, we’ll:

  • Provide a demo so you get a better overview of the solution while we set you up
  • Work with you to ensure end users are carefully selected for the free trial, as well as nominate someone who will ‘champion’ Huddle for you internally
  • Assign you a complimentary trainer
  • Set up a Huddle specialist training session
  • Organise a weekly Q&A to ensure you’re happy with the trial and are using it properly
  • Set up a meeting at the end of your trial, where you’ll be offered to continue using the software at a bespoke price

With that in mind, below we’ll outline the best practice steps to take for getting the most out of your Huddle free trial.

Who should be part of the free trial process?

  • Choose people who will actually use the software and be open to a better way of working
  • Consider the workflow/processes/team you’re trying to improve or replace and include everyone included in that workflow/process/team
  • Communicate effectively the challenge you are looking to solve, i.e. the secure sharing of information externally, so everyone is aligned on the goal
  • Set the expectations to those involved in the free trial

Training during the free trial

During the process, we’ll ensure you’re set up properly from the start, but we’ll check-in regularly to make sure you are getting on okay. You’ll also have full access to our pool of resources and training videos so you can refer to them in your own time, if needed. Remember, our goal is to get you and your team using the software and benefitting from it, not to take up hours of admin and training time. And we believe Huddle is fast to implement and learn, so we’re confident that as soon as users start using the software, they’ll love it.

Asking for support

If you do have questions or need help, we’re on hand to navigate you through the free trial and optimise how you are using Huddle. We are confident you’ll find our software easy to use and intuitive (our customers tell us Huddle’s UX is universally popular), but we’re always happy to answer any questions you have. Plus, we can help you discover and learn more about the features that will help you to solve your business needs and ensure you maximise the use of the product, especially if you feel like you’re underusing the solution.

Scaling the free trial

If you’re happy with the free trial, then we’ll look to scale the solution into the areas of the business that will benefit. We’d recommend running the free trial with a project team or department, with the main goal being getting those involved using the software as it should be. From there, we can quickly roll the software out to a wider group.

How to measure the success of your free trial?

The key is defining the key metrics before you begin. You’ll know what your pain points are (why you wanted the trial in the first place), so consider these questions to ask your team before the end of your trial:

  • Are you using all of Huddle’s key features, and have you noticed an improvement in collaboration amongst users?
  • How would you feel if you went back to your old way of working and you lost access to the Huddle platform?
  • How quickly did it take users to start confidently using the platform?
    • Really quickly and easily?
    • Fairly quickly and easily?
    • Very quickly and easily?
  • How regularly do your team use Huddle throughout the day/week?
    • Daily?
    • Weekly
    • Rarely?
    • Never?
  • How would your wider business respond if Huddle was rolled out company-wide?

Try Huddle for free for 30 days

See the value of Huddle yourself and get started with a free trial now.

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Written by

Kay Oldham

As product Marketing Manager for Collaboration at Ideagen, Kay specialises in creating insightful and engaging communications to showcase the opportunities for organisations looking to develop their digital transformation journey. Kay’s marketing knowledge and experience spans a variety of industries and her main passions lie with customer experience, creativity and digital strategy.