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Ideagen Launches Update to WorkRite Agile

13 October 2020

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Ideagen, the leading global supplier and developer of software products aimed at helping businesses operating in highly regulated markets, has announced a significant update to its industry leading product, WorkRite Agile.

Q-Pulse WorkRite is a suite of e-learning products that help companies to provide support and training to their employees on a variety of areas related to DSE and QHSE.


WorkRite Agile 2.0 has been updated with new animated videos and more opportunities for interaction to drive increased levels of engagement with the learner. At the same time, a review of the scripts and the removal of some areas of duplication, means the time to complete the course has been reduced by around five minutes. This reduction in time is incredibly important in terms of encouraging people to complete the course while minimising their time away from their core work.


Ryan Church, Q-Pulse WorkRite product manager, said: “WorkRite Agile 2.0 builds on the success of our previous agile working course, offering customers a more interactive and engaging user experience, which reflects the rapidly changing world in which we now live.


“The tool was already very flexible, but we wanted to make further improvements to assist customers with delivering appropriate training and work-station assessments in whichever DSE environment a user may be based.


“Agile 2.0 has been around nine months in the pipeline, from planning to scripting to development and I am very proud of the product we are able to deliver to our customers today.”


Q-Pulse WorkRite products are flexible to allow users the option to complete the training that is essential to their business at a time and location that suits them best. This ensures higher levels of course completion.


Having complete oversight of the courses and their completion rates, gives the company a clearer picture of compliance levels and ensures they are able to take action if required.


All Q-Pulse WorkRite courses are supported by a unique learning management system that captures essential information and provides a full audit trail of actions taken or required. There is also the option to customise the content and create courses that are unique to a business.


Ryan added: “Our comprehensive library of e-learning courses forms a complete package of legal and regulatory content that can be easily distributed and monitored to give you confidence that your business is up to date and in line with its legal obligations.”


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