Podcast: Internal Audit and the Risk of Macroeconomic and Political Uncertainty

By Siobhan Currie

The following podcast was recorded prior to the outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 and therefore specific macroeconomic references are now out-of-date. The importance of internal audit in the face of Macroeconomic and Political Uncertainty, however, remains unchanged.

E P I S O D E   T W O 

Welcome to Ideagen Insights, Ideagen’s official Podcast Channel. In our introductory series, we are exploring the biggest issues facing Internal Auditors across Europe and North America in 2020. In each episode, we will look at a specific topic identified as a key internal audit risk by European [1] and American [2] branches of the IIA and evaluate the impact these will have on internal audit departments as they prepare for the year ahead.

Hosting is Stephanie Jones, Ideagen’s Pentana Audit Product Manager. Stephanie has more than 12 years of internal audit experience and recently named as one of nine District Advisors for the IIA in North America.

In our second episode, Stephanie is joined by Ideagen’s Chief Operating Officer, Barney Kent, to discuss Internal Audit and the Risk of Macroeconomic and Political Uncertainty. 

Join Barney and Stephanie as they discuss;

  • Macroeconomics: The Neglected Risk
  • Raising awareness of macroeconomics within an organisation
  • How Agile Auditing can help an organisation adapt to emerging risks proactively
  • Understanding risk appetite
  • And not forgetting BREXIT, Trade Deals, US Elections and it's economy.

Listen to our Internal Audit and Macroeconomic and Political Uncertainty podcast now, or alternatively download our transcript.




[1] Risk in Focus 2020: Hot Topics for Internal Auditors from the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing

[2] 2019 North American Pulse of Internal Audit

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