Expect the Unexpected

By Stephanie Jones

The TV show Big Brother has been a global success and becomes yet another tie that binds Ideagen personnel around the world together in an informal way. One of my favourite sayings on the US version is ....... Expect the Unexpected!

I’m sure you would agree that the saying applies both on a personal level and for work! When I became Product Manager of Pentana Audit in 2018, I certainly did not expect that within six months, we would make the competitive acquisition of Morgan Kai (MK) ....... Expect the Unexpected! 

Since the acquisition, we have been immersed in determining the best path to take for our audit management software business. We knew within the first few months that we did not want to have two similar, competing internal audit software products in the market and that we wanted to converge the two together to capitalize on the many strengths of each product, as well as to introduce new, improved functionality. Working cross-functionally across many departments we have determined the best way to execute this strategy for the Next Generation of Pentana Audit.

Prior to the release of the converged product we are excited to announce that we will be introducing a number of key features to our existing product including “Key Risks”, additional audit trails, enhanced methodology options for key dates for different Audit types and recommendations, Web UI for Audit Functionality, improved SOX features and APIs for reporting of data. 

Our planned convergence has provided us with the opportunity to have a complete technology reiteration to deliver massive improvements in user experience, performance, and functionality allowing us to deliver more than we had initially planned in the wake of the MKI acquisition....... Expect the Unexpected!

With the next generation of Pentana Audit, we will completely modernize the technology stack that delivers the application. This is part of a policy decision that cuts across our entire product portfolio: modernization to cloud-native, service-oriented architecture that will enable features that only intelligent cloud can deliver, such as applying artificial intelligence to improve trend analysis and prediction.

By marrying established functionality and best practices to leading-edge R&D, we intend to reinvent the art of the possible. We will do this by creating a disruptive technology designed to simultaneously support your core risk-based audit work intuitively and seamlessly while creating possibilities for wider, deeper, and more impactful discovery. Our new technology is being built with the express aim of supporting the human effort and professional discretion of your Internal Audit department and helping to elevate the impact that you can have within your wider business.  

I am excited about the future of Pentana Audit, and I hope you are too! Whether you are an existing or future customer we invite you to explore a new world of powerful automation with Pentana Audit, which has and always will be built for Auditors.  

Watch this space and....... Expect the Unexpected!

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