5 Tips to Help You Succeed As A Proposal Manager

By Carrie Ratcliff

When I first started in the industry, things were very different to how they are now.

Companies were just learning how to use computers and there was little you could use the Internet for. There was no such thing as virtual collaboration and there wasn’t such an obsessive focus on budgets – one company I worked for used to hire a limo to take me home if I worked late so I wouldn’t be on the train late, that would never happen now!

Fast forward 25 years and technology has completely transformed how we do proposals. What had to be done onsite in a war room can now be done nearly 100 percent virtually.

It’s interesting to look back on how much the industry has changed throughout my career however my tips for succeeding as a Proposal Manager remain unchanged:


5 tips for a proposal manager inforgraphic


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