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Health and safety e-learning

Health and safety e-learning courses designed to help employers meet legal regulations and keep their staff healthy, happy and protected at work.

Technology can transform the way we work

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The simplest, easiest way to meet many of the regulations you need to run your business

Desk-based e-learning is now the method of choice for most public and private sector businesses to deliver essential health and safety training to their office staff. Our online health and safety courses provide individual users with the flexibility to decide where and when they do their training. And it gives you the data you need to decide what further actions, if any, need to be taken.

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An online management system which captures essential information for your health and safety team

All WorkRite courses are supported by our unique health and safety LMS (learning management system) that captures essential information for your health and safety team and provides a fully-auditable trail of actions required or taken. The course builder is an add-on feature which allows you to customise the content and create your own courses.

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All the material you need to meet your EHS compliance targets

Our comprehensive library of health and safety e-learning courses that form a complete package of legal and regulatory content that can be easily distributed and monitored to give you confidence that your business is up to date and in line with its legal obligations.

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