EHS compliance software

Q-Pulse Law is our EHS compliance software, designed to help you manage your Environmental and Health & Safety legislative requirements. Cut down the time, effort and cost involved in finding, translating and interpreting global compliance obligations.


What is Q-Pulse Law?

Q-Pulse Law enables you to find, interpret and keep up to date with relevant legislation and compliance obligations from around the world. Legislation is broken down into accessible and actionable checklists, making it easier to understand what is required of you. If you need more detail, Q-Pulse Law provides legislative summaries and can take you directly to the legal source.

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Benefits of Q-Pulse Law

EHS compliance management software can help you to:

Highlight required actions

Take action quickly and confidently by linking data sources from different modules into powerful dashboards.

Reduce reviewing timescales

Reduce the time and cost in finding and interpreting global compliance obligations.

Enable consistent global reporting

Reduce time, effort and cost by standardising and automating your processes in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Ensure compliance

Use colour coded checklists to show your level of compliance.

Features of Q-Pulse Law

Adhere to legal regulations. Save time and money.

Manage tasks

Create tasks to close any compliance gaps and ensure you can gain and maintain compliance.

Access legislation and regulations

Access up-to-date international, national and regional legislation with a single, integrated system.

Identify compliance gaps

Identify regulatory gaps with a comprehensive overview of compliance requirements.

Global reporting

Report on regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

Document current compliance levels

Show the level of compliance by category and tasks that are due and overdue.

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