What is PleaseReview?

PleaseReview is our document collaboration software, designed to make your collaborative process easier, safer and more efficient. Wherever you are working, and whether you’re collaborating with colleagues or third parties, PleaseReview provides a secure, controlled environment for real-time document review, co-authoring and redaction. So you can protect sensitive information and focus on delivering high-quality documents.

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Our document collaboration tool makes your working life easier

Save valuable time and effort in conducting document reviews, get rid of tedious admin and have all comments, changes and discussions from multiple reviewers documented in one place. All contributions are even recorded in a comprehensive reconciliation report ready for auditing. You’ll never look back.


PleaseReview powers critical document collaboration

From pharmaceutical companies to construction, we support a wide range of customers with their document collaboration and review needs.

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PleaseReview streamlines the document workflow

Our collaborative document review software creates a seamless and controlled co-authoring process. Multiple reviewers can contribute to the same version of a document in real time with the ability to redact sensitive information. Upload a Word or PDF file and see it take shape within PleaseReview.

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From simple tasks to complex reviews

PleaseReview can be used for numerous tasks including regulatory and technical documentation, bids and proposals, contract review and medical writing. The possibilities are endless. The document collaboration platform is secure and makes it easy to create and review documents needed to meet industry standards and regulations.

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The document lifecycle

Complete control throughout the document lifecycle

Manage your document and watch it take shape within PleaseReview. From the co-authoring and review stage, right up to making decisions on the final changes, everything is managed within PleaseReview, reducing the time spent on admin and collating emailed changes. The real-time document collaboration software solution supports every stage of the workflow.

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In partnership with Veeva Systems

PleaseReview directly integrates with Veeva Vault for collaborative document review, providing a seamless experience for Vault users when setting up and managing reviews, and reviewing and co-authoring documents.

Veeva is a leading global provider of industry-specific, cloud-based software solutions for the life sciences industry and Ideagen is proud to be recognised as a Veeva Certified Technology partner.

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