Enterprise cloud-based safety software

Gain complete control, visibility and real-time reporting of your safety and operational risk landscape with Coruson, our cloud-based safety software.


What is Coruson?

Coruson is Ideagen’s enterprise safety and risk management software application. Used by market leaders in the aviation and rail industries, it delivers powerful and integrated functionality to give you complete control of your operational risks.

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Build a proactive and risk-aware quality culture

Made possible with quick and easy reporting from a single source of truth

Capture important data

Make your tech teams, engineers, conductors and cabin crew your eyes and ears. Smart forms enable you to gather the data that matters to you

Create and complete fully digitised audits

Uncovering risks, pinpointing improvement opportunities and acting on findings has never been easier

Assign and track actions to completion

From near-miss investigations to document updates and scheduled audits, you can stay in control

Distribute, categorise, acknowledge and revise documents

Coruson provides a single source of truth - from ground ops manuals to aircraft and rolling stock specifications and SOPs - to make this quicker and simpler

Safety and risk management on-the-go

Gain remote and mobile access via browser or native app

Personalised software

Coruson is configurable to your unique organisational processes and requirements


Air Asia achieve international airline safety management with Coruson


Scalable, user-friendly, and functionally rich software

Improve your efficiency and productivity

Manage safety, incident reporting and risk

Manage quality

Comply with your standards and regulations

Safeguard your reputation and brand

Manage change and achieve your strategic objectives

Customer success stories

Trusted by market leaders


How can our safety software support you?

Action management

Document control and policy management

Audit management

Change control

Business process modelling and automation

Incident management and reporting including smart forms

Operational Risk Management (ORM) including bowtie visualisation

Performance monitoring, business intelligence, analysis and dashboards  

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