Ideagen’s PleaseReview Virtual APMP Conference Stand

We’ve digitalised our event stand to ensure you don’t miss out.

Ideagen's PleaseReview software offers brands a secure web-based environment for real-time collaborative document review, co-authoring and redaction across groups, technologies and geographies, enabling you to control and manage all aspects of document collaboration, that improves operational performance, productivity and efficiency. Our APMP conference stand gives you the chance to find out more from the experts.

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Connect with our document management experts

Harry Hudson
Senior Digital Sales Executive

Harry Hudson is a Senior Sales Executive for Ideagen and has been with the company for several years – Harry is a product specialist for PleaseReview and over the past 3 years developed close relationships with a wide range of companies with a focus on the Building and Construction industry helping to drive win-win relationships by delivering outcomes for our customers.

John Louden
Digital Sales Executive

John Louden is a Sales Executive who operates specifically within the Defence Sector. John works alongside the world’s top defence companies to help them to modernise and centralise their bids and proposals processes into a single platform. The journey he often takes these companies on involves helping them to move them away from manual processes, multiple databases, spreadsheets, and even sheets of paper to a single source of managing high priority bids and tenders.

Mark Habgood
Product Manager

Mark Habgood is Product Manager for PleaseReview. Mark is an experienced product management professional with experience of the telecommunications, media and technology sectors.

Mark Habgood, educated at the University of Nottingham and the University of Bradford School of Management, gained his experience working across organisations such as BT, Siemens, Marconi, PA Media and ESA.

Chantele Sedoo
Digital Sales Executive

Chantele Sedoo is a Sales Executive at Ideagen, operating mostly within the fields of Life Science and Renewable Energy. Chantele has helped companies modernise their document review processes.

Helping companies achieve a controlled review process, with full traceability and version control. Chantele has often worked with companies to aid in various clinical and regulatory documents such as IND, NDA and PMA submission, including bids and tenders and policy and procedure teams.

Reviewing proposals in a virtual environment with PleaseReview

Listen to our PleaseReview software experts, Harry Hudson and John Louden in our new webinar, where they discuss issues that you may come across while reviewing proposals in a virtual environment. 

Harry and John will also demonstrate how incorporating PleaseReview software into your reviewing process can help streamline your collaboration and reviewing proposals while working remotely.

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Real-time Document Collaboration Software

PleaseReview increases review team productivity, saves critical hours both during the review and post-review process and provides significant cost savings in the production of effective proposals.

With proposals forming part of a complex and lengthy sales process, creating a business-winning proposal can often be time-consuming and frustrating. In competing for the attention of a potential client who is also receiving pitches from other competitive vendors at the same time.

Free resources

Access our current PleaseReview product brochures including our dedicated brochure for Bids and Proposals and our case study that covers our interview with Carrie Ratcliff managing director of 21RW, all of which we would be giving away at the APMP 2020 Conference, feel free to download and read at your leisure. 

Collaborative RFP Shred Webinar with Carrie Ratcliff

With over 25 years of experience as a consultant working on both Commercial and Federal pursuits, Carrie Ratcliff joins us to discuss how she conducts collaborative RFP ‘Shreds’ with key stakeholders in PleaseReview.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Validate an RFP as a team
  • Effectively collaborate with key stakeholders
  • Focus teams on open actions
  • Use comment categories to identify questions to ask the client, highlight resource needs, address potential concerns and more
  • Use PleaseReview to get the input needed to make a bid or no bid decision
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Improve user competency with online training

Ideagen Academy is our cloud-based eLearning training solution that helps your users get to grips with PleaseReview quickly, easily and on their own terms. Academy is ideal both for onboarding new users and helping existing users get more out of our solutions.

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