An Introduction To Designing Your Own UX

A lot has changed over the last ten years. For a start, we have to consider the sheer amount of people using the internet – as of May 2016, the internet was used daily, or almost daily, by 41.8 million (82%) of adults in the UK. This has increased from 16.2 million (35%) in 2006.

Just having a visually pleasing website is no longer enough. In order to be successful, a website today must be carefully planned for the wide range of differing visitors it will attract and the different tasks each will want to complete.

Designing your UX is an essential part of creating an Information Architecture (IA) that is useful and usable for your visitors. Considering the user early in the site build process allows their requirements to be collected, reviewed and reiterated throughout.

In an increasingly crowded online world, competing for the attention and actions of your target audiences requires a website that works for the user, not just your organisation. This whitepaper aims to present an introduction to designing your own UX.

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