4 Steps on the SC21 Continuous Sustainable Improvement

Supply Chain 21st Century (SC21) is an emerging powerhouse of Continuous Sustainable Improvement Planning for the UK Aerospace, Defence and Security industries.

In spite of its members having other accreditations such as ISO 9001 and AS9100, programme membership continues to grow steadily with over 600 manufacturing organisations now enrolled in the programme. SC21 focuses on a logical sequence of Customer Engagement, Diagnostic Tools, Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plans and Recognition in order to achieve overall manufacturing and quality excellence. Typical results that SC21 members are seeing include On Time Delivery (OTD), increasing from low-mid 80% to low-mid 90%.

This impressive increase in performance has encouraged industry adoption of the SC21 approach by a demonstration of its business benefits. In particular customer and supplier relationships are improved dramatically.

Key to success is sustainability and ensuring that commitment from senior management drives adoption on the shop floor and everywhere else in between.

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