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Training and Development

Enhance the knowledge and skill set of your employees by providing them with the means to progress further. Boost productivity, ensure competency, and consolidate important training and development records in a single, manageable system.

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Business Benefits

Organisations everywhere are struggling to remain productive when so much time is spent training staff. What’s more, the costs of logistics, accommodation, equipment and hiring of trainers bears a heavy financial burden. For businesses committed to good quality and safety management, making sure staff are properly trained for their role should be a top priority.

Ideagen allows organisations to modernise their approach to training, and offers a software solution that will streamline training, cut costs, and create self-reliant learners invested in their own development. Managers can determine where deficiencies lie and assign training where it’s needed most. Progress can be monitored judiciously so that competency is assured.

  • Speed

    Speed: Expedite your time to benefits as staff become easily adaptable to changing business needs.

  • Improve Performance

    Improve Performance: Equip staff with the knowledge & skills to achieve operational excellence.

  • Maximise ROI

    Maximise ROI: Get the most out of your business software investment in terms of time to learn, competency and improved culture.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Cost Effectiveness: Reduce operational costs by increasing efficiency and decreasing training cycle time.

  • Bolster trust

    Bolster trust with stakeholders through complete compliance assurance.

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Critical Capabilities

Demonstrating employee competency and capability is vital for regulated industries. Managers need to be able to record and update training plans, comprehensively communicate policy changes or outstanding actions, and report on competency levels.

Ideagen customers use our software to identify opportunities to improve performance through its reporting capabilities, structured compliance framework, integrated approach to policy management and automatic email alerts. We also offer bespoke software training in our own products that can significantly boost productivity.

  • Reporting

    Reporting: Create reports for the entire organisation, a site, department or custom group.

  • Monitor

    Monitor: Observe employee progress and create automatic alerts when incompetencies are identified.

  • Customisation

    Customisation: Tailor training content to your business and your specific needs.

  • Automated Scheduling

    Automated scheduling: Schedule training to any size of workforce from a single unified system.

  • Personalised Training

    Personalised training: Create your own training courses directly within the software.

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