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Supply Chain PPAP

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) can be complex, involving the management of multiple tasks and production of multiple documents. With so many interconnected elements it’s important to manage the process efficiently and maintain visibility, ensuring quality management within the supply chain. 

It is not enough for the goal to be: bring a product to market. The goal should be to bring a product to market successfully. This requires guarding profit margins by understanding the requirements and a reliable manufacturing process that delivers the product on time.

There are typical problems that stop supply chains achieving this goal:

  • No visibility of PPAP status across the supply chain
  • No workflow driving the process across the supply chain
  • Contact information being difficult to acquire and keep up to date
  • Information in emails being lost
  • PPAPs stalling because a staff member is unavailable or left the company 
  • Out of date documentation being used
  • Trouble finding historic PPAP records

Managing Quality: Integrating the Supply Chain

Ideagen's Supply Chain PPAP solution removes these barriers to success by integrating the supply chain. Supply chain PPAP capabilities include:

  • Online hub keeps all PPAP documentation and communication in one place
  • Hub accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Status of PPAP updated in real time
  • Set escalation dates with automated reminders
  • An interface with your ERP Bill of Materials (BOM) to improve visibility and simplify the process 
  • Supplier registers and manages own users, single point of contact for OEM
  • Conversation thread permanently linked to the relevant PPAP
  • Automated notification of important messages or submissions
  • Departmental message board so action can be taken despite absent staff members
  • Completed PPAPs archived and stored in offline data repository 
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Q-Pulse OEM and Supply Chain Quality


OEMs no longer have to manage contact lists, chase suppliers or be unsure of the status of the PPAP. Greater supply chain automation drives the process to be completed on time with all the correct evidence. By utilising a single source of information OEMS can see the status of all ongoing PPAPs updated in real time, without needing to contact individual suppliers.

  • Reduce administrative burden on OEMs
  • Improve communication across supply chain 
  • Deadlines achieved with supply chain automation 
  • Single source of up-to-date information 
  • Impossible to lose supply chain quality management evidence


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