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How do you manage quality, service level, compliance, safety, risk, brand exposure and performance in your supply chain? Sometimes the origin of risk is outside your organisation. Is it outside your control? Do your suppliers use suppliers?

Ideagen’s supplier management software helps organisations maintain their quality, safety and risk management processes. Complex supply chains are a common feature of the globalised economy and businesses can rely on hundreds of suppliers and subcontractors in order to deliver their products and services. Our supplier management solution help to incorporate this into your quality management system (QMS) to maintain compliance with standards and regulations, ensure the safety of staff, the public and the environment and to safeguard brand reputation.

Q-Pulse Makes It Easier For Supply Chain Partners To Work Together On Quality.

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Protect your organisation from the risks of non-compliance. Manage all supplier-related compliance data for ISO and other standards. Conduct compliance audits on your supply chain.

Manage and mitigate risk in the supply chain with our supplier management solution. Analyse and report on vendor performance. Immediate visibility of emerging risk in the supply chain. Powerful BI to support decision making, vendor management and selection.

Drive quality through the supply chain. Record issues and incidents with suppliers. Implement and track corrective and preventive actions. Expose the supplier management system to suppliers so that they can record, track and manage their non-conformances.

Raise the game. Engage your suppliers in a GRC maturity journey. Increase their accountability, quality, compliance and operational performance.

Immediate Visibility of Supplier Quality, Performance and Compliance

Our vendor management software provides a central database for all supplier information. Features include a vendor database covering all details and quality records showing historical performance in terms of delivery failures, warranty claims, returns, complaints and reviews.

A register of approved suppliers shows those under consideration and those deemed unsuitable. Supplier concerns can be raised and captured within the module, providing immediate visibility of supplier performance. This, in turn, allows data to be analysed to drive supplier improvement, allowing you to identify repeat failures, root cause and fault categorisation.

This information is made available to the purchasing function to ensure inappropriate vendors are not used. This prevents costly mistakes and places accountability correctly with the actual source of the problem.

By working with the one database for suppliers, our staff are now raising supplier concerns or comments in the same way no matter the site they’re based at. The Supplier module provides immediate visibility of Supplier performance which in turn allows for data to be analysed helping drive Supplier improvement. We regularly meet with our suppliers, and this information is invaluable for those meetings.

Andy Gourlay, Business Systems Manager at Alexander Dennis Ltd

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Third-Party Management in the Cloud

Ideagen's Coruson offers an enterprise-scale supplier management software solution.  It provides comprehensive customer, supplier and third-party management capabilities including supplier records and history, service level and compliance management, non-conformances, contacts and automatic escalation workflows.

Customer records, in particular, those related to quality, service, safety and incidents are also included in Coruson.

Coruson is a comprehensive, fully integrated quality, compliance, safety, risk and performance management cloud software product.

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