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SOX Compliance Solutions

Automate your SOX compliance processes to provide real business assurance. Demonstrate efficiency, clarity and honesty in your financial statement reporting with an integrated, feature-rich software solution.

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Business Benefits

Corporate transparency matters - now more than ever. Businesses are under intense pressure to provide certified evidence that their internal controls are effective, and that governance and accounting processes are reliable.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act regulates this with several crucial and often complex requirements that can be overwhelming and costly. Ideagen’s business assurance software suite can ease the burden of SOX compliance by automating the entire process – from control design, testing and monitoring to certification and reporting.

  • Enhance transparency

    Enhance corporate transparency and safeguard “electronic paper trails”.

  • Strenghten business

    Strengthen business assurance and oversight.

  • otpimise internal controls

    Optimise internal controls and prioritise risk.

  • Unify Approach

    Unify your approach to risk and control management of financial processes.

  • Bolster trust

    Bolster trust with stakeholders through complete compliance assurance.

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Critical Capabilities

To meet the complex compliance and auditing requirements of SOX, it is essential that organisations today implement a modern, agile software solution that can manage the requirements of the legislation.

Ideagen provides a best of breed SOX compliance solution that captures and models internal controls and establishes an end-to-end solution for SOX management. Risks can be assessed, and tests controlled through interactive heat maps and risk matrices, which allow you to track their movement in real time. This is vital for the continuous monitoring of SOX and ensuring airtight security for your financial information. Your final SOX reports can also be combined with traditional audit reports to provide a complete picture of risk.

Moreover, the software is built by auditors, for auditors, and is on a product roadmap looking 10 years into the future to ensure that Ideagen remains at the forefront of innovation.

  • Consolidate

    Consolidate your SOX compliance framework.

  • Interactive Risk Matrix

    Document inherent and residual risk through an interactive risk matrix.

  • Control Tests

    Create control tests and assign them to test owners. Select control samples and record test results.

  • Review Actions

    Review actions and complete SOX certification questionnaires based on SOX Sections 302 and 404.

  • Complete Disclosure

    Provide complete disclosure related to material information in financial reports.

  • Monitor controls

    Continuously monitor controls and report on findings, status and progress in real time.

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