Safety management software

Increase operational intelligence, drive efficiency and prevent undesirable events with our safety management software


Why should I use safety management system software?

Our safety management solution is used by a wide range of industries including aviation, manufacturing, retail and food. Our safety management system software combines the disciplines of quality, safety and risk management with real-time performance monitoring to ensure you can demonstrate a completely proactive and anticipative approach to operational activities.

Hazard identification

Anticipate and prevent accidents and problems to ensure safety across the board.

Effective reporting system

Reduce insurance premiums by demonstrating control of risk.

Ensure compliance

Avoid the financial consequences of non-compliance including fines and lost revenue.

Protect your brand

Protect your reputation and brand and ultimately your business.

A diverse safety management tool to ensure your high standards are maintained

Hazard management

Increased awareness of accidents and incidents across the organisation to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Audit management

Identify and report on any potential issues in the system so that they can be resolved from the outset.

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Performance monitoring

Safety management system software that monitors performance across your organisation, including integrated third-party systems.

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CA/PA management

Eliminate the costs of non-compliance, including penalties and reputational damage.

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Policy and document control

Demonstrate quality and consistency in relation to policies with organised document control.

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