E-learning solutions

Our e-learning solutions provide cutting-edge health and safery training for workplaces across the globe.


Foster a competent and productive working environment

E-learning brings flexibility to workplace learning and allows your employees to take ownership of their own journey. We offer both online health and safety training for general workplace needs and bespoke e-learning courses for using our software to ensure users have the tools they need to benefit from it.


Easy access to training records

Insight into employee competency, training progress and any gaps in their knowledge.

Personalise health and safety content

Our course builder lets you create your own workplace health and safety learning experiences.

Audit trail of actions taken

The software tracks all training and tasks undertaken, producing a robust audit trail for regulators.

Make better use of time

Automatic reminders are sent out when training needs to be done or reviewed, meaning you spend less time managing training activity.

Interactive learning environment

Online content gives users the opportunity to interact with the material and put it into context.

Online access

Users can access the web-based training from any device at a time that suits them.

Q-Pulse® WorkRite

Q-Pulse® WorkRite has been designed to help employers meet legal regulations and keep their staff healthy, happy and protected at work.

Our online health and safety courses provide individual users with the flexibility to decide where and when they do their training. And it gives you the data you need to decide what further actions, if any, need to be taken.

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Ideagen Academy

Ideagen Academy is the cloud-based e-learning solution that allows your entire workforce to become fully competent using Ideagen’s software suite quickly, easily and on their own terms.

Our state-of-the-art training software provides a stimulating variety of interactive demos, activities and assessments that encourages your employees to become self-sufficient learners, saving your organisation a wealth of valuable time and money.

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