Safety Management Software

Ideagen's safety management software is used by a wide range of industries including aviation, manufacturing, retail and food. Our software combines the disciplines of quality, safety and risk management with real-time performance monitoring to ensure you can demonstrate a completely proactive and anticipative approach to operational activities.

You will require different aspects of our safety management system software depending on what stage you are at on your journey to operational excellence.

Increase operational intelligence, drive efficiency and prevent undesirable events

  • Anticipate and prevent accidents and problems
  • Keep your staff and the public safe
  • Protect your reputation and brand and ultimately your business
  • Enhance your reputation and brand by demonstrating an accountable culture
  • Reduce insurance premiums by demonstrating control of risk
  • Avoid the financial consequences of non-compliance including fines and lost revenue

Our safety management system software has the following integrated capabilities:

  • Hazard identification
  • Occurrence reporting
  • Risk assessment, modelling and control automation
  • Performance monitoring, including integrated third-party systems
  • Audit management
  • Policy and document control
  • CA/PA management
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Safety Management System (SMS) for the Aviation Industry

Safety Management System for the Rail Industry

Southeastern Rail achieved the following benefits using our safety and risk management software:

  • Increased awareness of accidents and incidents across the organisation
  • Ability to identify bottlenecks in the system so issues can be resolved faster
  • Efficient transfer of compliance data and reports to the Rail Safety and Standards Board

Food Safety Management System

In a recent survey of food and drink carried out by Ideagen, the pressure of complying with multiple standards was indicated as the number one concern.

Our safety management software is the key to running an efficient and safe manufacturing operation:

  • Achieve operational excellence and ensure that people and resources are focused where they need to be.
  • Integrate safety data from ERP, MRP and SAP systems to maximise the ROI of your existing IT ecosystem.
  • Reduce operational overhead and release quality, production and food safety staff to add real value to your business.
  • Reduce the costs of poor quality.
  • Eliminate the costs of non-compliance, including penalties and reputational damage.

Contact us today to find out how our software can help transform your food safety management system.


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"We recognised that we had an opportunity to expand the model used in fire safety across all safety management activities within the business to improve both accountability and safety performance. We branded this the Key Safety Manager concept."

Colin Clifton, Head of Safety and Environment at Southeastern Rail

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Q-Pulse Customer Experience:

"Q-Pulse is an exceptionally useful tool for managing our Food Safety Quality Management System (FSQMS). We’ve already embarked on building in our competence framework into the system so we can readily manage training renewals and also identify retraining needs when our controlled documents are revised."

Sarah Deane, Regulatory Manager at Dairy Crest Group Technical

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