Performance management software

Improve business performance and achieve strategic objectives with our performance management software.


Why use a performance management solution?

Our performance management solution simplifies the task of managing performance, delivering easily digestible results.

The online performance management system is seamlessly integrated, meaning that key business objectives such as strategy, assessment, monitoring and reporting are all intrinsically linked.

See risk-based performance from every perspective

Enjoy complete visibility and control of performance and risk.

Safeguard company reputation

Establish a values-based organisation with a strong culture.

Deliver productivity and cost saving benefits

Streamline processes and promote cross-organisational collaboration.

Remain resilient in volatile and uncertain times

Easily adapt to the pace of change in modern business.

Integrate and optimise your processes to deliver a single version of the truth.

Risk assessment and documentation

Identify and prioritise risks with customisable risk matrices and registers, drill down for documents, review dates, impact and likelihood, and update assessments with one click.

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Easily analyse changes in performance and identify trends over time with customisable live reports to make more informed, fact-based decisions.

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Reporting and executive dashboards

With easy access and visibility to personalised risk dashboards, time and effort is saved in collating and updating risk registers, as well as with one-click, real-time reporting.

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Effective project management

Gantt charts make it easy to review progress across multiple projects, combined with milestones, automatic reminders and escalation to streamline the process of updating.

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Policy distribution

Streamline the entire corporate policies management lifecycle – from publishing, distribution and approval, through maintenance, revision and retraction – with ease.

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