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Risk Management System

Create accountability and operational efficiency, deliver your risk management programme, strengthen business assurance and compliance and consolidate risk data into a single, integrated system.

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Business Benefits

In every realm of activity, from industry and commerce to politics to economics and the environment, the twenty-first century has so far been characterised by a conversation about risk.

Building on stronger foundations of compliance and oversight, leaders are proactive about risk management in increasingly complex operating environments.

  • Stregnthen Business Icon

    Strengthen business assurance and oversight.

  • Ensure Compliance Icon

    Ensure compliance and achieve strategic goals.

  • Analyse and Report Icon

    Surface, consolidate, analyse and report risk data.

  • Streamline Operations Icon

    Streamline operations and become more efficient.

  • Improve Awareness Icon

    Improve awareness of emerging risks via incident reporting, monitoring and analytics.

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Critical Capabilities

These four vital capabilities are essential at every stage of an organisation’s maturity journey towards stronger governance, performance and accountability.

Risk assessment and modelling, incident management, Key Risk Indicator (KRI) monitoring and analysis and real or near-time reporting are vital whether you are implementing a standalone line of business risk application or a federated enterprise-wide solution.

Ideagen customers use our risk management solutions for several increasingly enterprise-wide use cases, including quality, safety, audit and performance management. Most are building on foundations of compliance and control and are implementing enterprise operational risk management (ORM) systems.

  • Risk Modelling and Documentation Icon

    Risk modelling and documentation.

  • Incident Reporting Icon

    Incident reporting and workflow automation.

  • Key Risk Indicator Monitoring Icon Icon

    Key risk indicator monitoring and analysis.

  • Real-Time Reporting Icon

    Real time reporting dashboards.

Risk Maturity Model

Seamless integration is a critical success factor.

The integrated risk management system allows users to create relationships between policies, regulations, controls, risks, assets, processes, business units, people, and other objects.

Enterprise Risk Management Delivers A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  • How well are you delivering your organisation’s strategic priorities?
  • Do you understand your principal risks and how they hinder achievement of strategic goals?
  • What is your risk appetite and are you managing risks appropriately?
  • Are you fully compliant with applicable laws, regulations and standards?

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