MAS individual accountability and conduct regime solution

Our MAS individual accountability and conduct regime (IAC) solution enables you to comply with regulatory requirements in a simple, user friendly manner.


Why use accountability and conduct software?

Our award-winning accountability and conduct software has been specifically designed to support financial institutions to meet the guidelines set by the MAS and easily evidence that they have done so.

In addition to establishing a greater level of accountability, the MAS expect to see a focus on positive culture within FIs, with Senior Managers leading the way with responsible and ethical practices. Using accountability and conduct software helps FIs to manage accountability, and avoid fines or damage to their reputation.   

Ensure effective compliance

Lower the risk of MAS fines, provide stakeholders with critical insights into compliance activities and deliver FI-wide transparency

Keep regulators informed

Easily evidence that you have met the IAC outcomes and satisfied the requirements and expectations of the MAS

Improve efficiency

Assign ownership to compliance activities and track everything from one centralised system which provides an audit trail for accountability

Secure and efficient record keeping

Maintain all accountability records and ensure everything is kept up to date with complete version control and live change monitoring

Strengthen individual accountability

Define and maintain the senior manager’s responsibilities and what employees can expect from them. Record and track these activities to ensure proper conduct is adhered to.

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Assess and evidence competency

Perform competency assessments to ensure key personnel are fit and proper to carry out their roles, maintain certification records and track any renewals required.

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Improve conduct

Reduce the risk of possible breaches, simplify reporting and record all employee training completed.

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