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Implement the framework for occupational health and safety with ISO 45001 software and guarantee the safety of your workplace.

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What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is the international standard for occupational health and safety. It was created as a response to the number of deaths that occur annually as a result of workplace accidents or diseases. The aim of the standard is to provide a framework for organisations to follow in order to protect the safety of their employees in a standardised way no matter where they are based. It consists of 10 clauses and follows the same structure as ISO 9001.


The benefits of gaining ISO 45001 certification

Following the ISO 45001 framework benefits everyone within an organisation by minimising the risk of injury or illness and making it a safer place to work. Gaining the certified status verifies your organisations’ commitment to occupational health and safety. In addition you’ll be able to reduce absences, create a culture of safety and easily demonstrate regulatory requirements.

How to prepare for ISO 45001

Our white paper details how to meet the requirements of ISO 45001, supporting your organisation to protect your most important assets- your people.

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Why ISO 45001 software?

Our software supports the requirements of ISO 45001, making it easier to implement and manage the requirements throughout your organisation. Experience:

A single source of the truth

Gain accurate insights across all areas of the business from one location.

Proactively manage risk

With access to real-time data, unlock the ability to be risk-aware instead of reactive.

Respond to incidents wherever you are

Access the system on the go to report any incidents and non-conformances as and when they occur.

Keep everyone connected

One centralised system ensures everyone has access to the same information at all times.

Improved user experience

Intuitive user interface and customisable dashboards allows users to access key information at a glance.

Robust audit trail

All actions are recorded within the system which makes record keeping and evidencing compliance simple.



Document management

Centrally store, manage and distribute important documents. Set workflows to ensure tasks are completed by the right people all within a secure, central system.

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Perform audits

Take a risk-based approach to auditing and consistently make informed recommendations. Generate reports instantly based on real-time data.

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Manage workflows

Manage businesses processes in a simple, controlled manner from reporting incidents and mitigating non-conformances to mapping out CAPA plans.

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Store training records

Centrally store and maintain employee training records to inform learning and development plans.

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Simplify compliance

Generate a full audit trail of all activity for complete traceability to satisfy regulatory needs.

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See our software in action

Learn more about how our software can support your ISO 45001 compliance. 

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