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What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the standard for an information security management system. In an increasingly digital world, cyber security and safe management of data is paramount. It provides a standardised framework for handling sensitive information and helping to comply with data protection laws.


The benefits of ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is a standard that organisations can implement and follow if they choose to in order to manage information security in the best way possible. It supports them to maximise performance and manage risk throughout the organisation. It also shows a commitment to customers and stakeholders that you are taking information security seriously to safeguard their data.


Why ISO 27001 software?

As an organisation, you want your business-critical data to flow to where it’s needed - without compromising the integrity of your information assets. Cloud-based software gives you the level of security needed to manage this, allowing you to see and control how information is disseminated and used throughout your organisation.

Satisfy your auditors with privacy by design

Pull your documentation and business information into a secure cloud-based management system with built-in privacy and information security functionality.

Handle information security risks

Build an end-to-end digital framework for pinpointing, assessing and treating your information security risks. Target data weaknesses and respond with controlled, audit-trailed actions to strengthen your data governance.

Put information security front and centre

Give yourself robust control over the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in your business. Plan, document and communicate a holistic business-wide ISMS that cascades best practice into all corners of your organisation.

Create a culture of quality

Create a culture of quality and data governance by assigning roles and responsibilities across your business. Workflows and audit trails give you full insight into your business information streams.

Make informed decisions

Enjoy complete overview of your information security management system from a single source of truth. Leadership can oversee all potential risks, opportunities and vulnerabilities and take smart data-driven action.



Issue management

Report and act on risks, vulnerabilities, NCRs, change requests and more. Build fully flexible workflows to drive and track actions to completion, from data breach responses to subject access requests and corrective and preventative actions.

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Improve auditing

Investigate any aspect of your information security management with ease. Build a paperless audit programme for PEN testing, user access provisioning, disaster recovery planning, data breach management, information security policies and more.

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Virtual documents

Store policies, procedures, data processing registers and information security plans with complete security and share them with the people who need to see them. Version control, structured approval processes and e-signature functionality give you a compliant and fully audit-trailed information repository.

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Integrated risk management

Take a proactive approach to risk management. Raise and treat risks in line with your appetite from any device as and when they occur. Assess and score risks with matrices, banding, bowtie and more in order to pinpoint opportunities and stay on top of risk.

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Support training and competency

Manage training and assign roles and responsibilities across your entire organisation to build a competent and collaborative workforce. Ensure that quality is exercised at every level of your business.

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Manage regulatory requirements

Keep on top of your information security requirements with Q-Pulse Law’s living legislative library. Ideagen’s expert team identify and break down your compliance demands by territory as they evolve.

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