First article inspection report software

Streamline, automate and mistake proof the first article inspection process with our first article inspection report software. 


How will first article inspection software benefit my business?

Our FAIR software is used by more than 2500 users to improve productivity, efficiency and reliability of their quality inspection work. Required by AS9102 in the aerospace industry and customer requirements in other manufacturing industries, first article inspection reports (FAIRs) validate that a product has been manufactured to the correct specification.

Improved time management

Save time and costs associated with FAI software.

Flexible work requirements

Work with 2D requirements without the need for specialist software.

User-friendly system

Easy management of multiple parts, linked to your BOM structure

Reduce potential errors

Minimise tedious manual results transcription that often lead to mistakes.

Aerospace industry recovery: step-by-step

Tailored content looking at covid recovery in the aerospace sector. Featuring:

  • Recovery guide
  • QMS for aerospace brochure
  • APQP webinar with industry expert
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Automatic form template population

Our FAI software ensures you are prepared to meet requirements by automatic population of AS9102B & other inspection form templates.

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Data and results

Stay informed by importing key data and results from the system’s BOM and CMM.

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Optical character recognition (OCR)

OCR speeds up your data process dramatically and can read engineering symbols direct from a drawing.

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Visual mistake-proofing

Visual mistake-proofing identifies missing information and out of tolerance results in order to avoid any anomalies.

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Non-conformance report generation

Always stay on top of any potential issues and address them from the outset with non-conformance report generation.

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See our software in action

Learn more about how our software can support your FAIR process. 

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