CAPA software

Stamp out non-conformities for good with our CAPA software solution. 


Drive continuous improvement with smart CAPA control

Our corrective and preventive action software is designed to empower you with the visibility, control and collaboration you need to permanently eliminate non-conformities.

Our CAPA solution is used by businesses in a string of highly regulated sectors for effective closed-loop CAPA control.

Make your colleagues your eyes and ears

Pinpoint problems as they occur by allowing your colleagues to report issues and NCRs directly into the system.

Take action quickly and consistently

Build custom workflows to funnel CAPA response actions to the right people instantly.

Unlock complete visibility

Track actions, drive tasks to completion and demonstrate control to your regulators with complete end-to-end visibility of your CAPA processes.

Build a stronger operation

Keep tabs on your CAPA system with instant report generation. Identify weak spots and take smart data-driven action to kill off your NCRs for good.

100% configurability

Build issue forms to capture any kind of NCR information you need to see– then construct any size and shape of workflow to stamp them out with assigned actions and responsibilities.

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Prompts and reminders

Drive CAPA plans to completion and ensure nothing is missed with automated prompts and reminders for designated personnel

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Full audit trailing

Our visual workflow engine shows how your CAPA plans are progressing. All actions are recorded and time-stamped for complete compliance.

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Automated workflows

Construct CAPA workflows to respond instantly and systemically to any kind of non-conformity as it arises, from assembly line errors to defects and complaints.

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Deep reporting

Track statuses, unpick and fix weaknesses, and prove you have an effective CAPA system with end-to-end reporting at the touch of a button.

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See our software in action

Learn more about how our software can support your CA/PA processes. 

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