PPAP & NPI Management

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and New Product Introduction (NPI) are complex processes. They each involve managing multiple tasks and producing multiple documents. Engineering, quality, production and other departments will all be involved in the PPAP or NPI. With so many interconnected elements it’s important to manage the process efficiently and maintain visibility.

Depending on your business category (Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Nuclear, Oil & Gas – to name a few) the terminology known to you as either New Product Introduction or Advanced Product Quality Planning are the same in principle. Both are a framework of procedures / tasks and use of techniques used to develop products within your business. It’s also very similar to the concept of ‘Design for Six Sigma’.

PPAP is increasingly used outside the automotive sector where it began as a way to improve quality performance and consistency. PPAP is key for the supply chain to establish and demonstrate confidence in production processes and manufacture, minimising the risk of failure.

Taking a standardised approach minimises the inherent risk of NPI, APQP & PPAP. It’s important to plan for success.

  • Understand customer requirements for PPAP or NPI
  • Define required elements and manage timescales
  • Assign accountability for completing elements and manage actual progress
  • Map the process flow from start to finish
  • Identify potential failure points in the manufacturing process
  • Define a control plan for production

New Product Introduction and Advanced Product Quality Planning are the same in principle.

Ideagen Q-Pulse offers solutions for managing NPI, APQP and PPAP.

  • Project management tool with customisable workflows
  • Create important documentation in app (process flow diagram, FMEA - failure modes and effect analysis, ballooned drawing, control plan etc)
  • Automatically calculate risk priority number
  • Libraries to speed up document creation.

Q-Pulse solutions for NPI and PPAP were previously known as Visual NPI and Visual PPAP, from IPI Solutions. IPI Solutions was acquired by Ideagen Plc in December 2016.

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