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Transform policies from unread documents to instruments of change with Ideagen's policy management software. Policies define expectations and boundaries for behaviour. These expectations frequently go unmet.

  • Policies fail to meet requirements
  • Siloed decision-making creates duplicated policies
  • Ineffective training hinders policy implementation

Overcome these typical obstacles to achieve compliance and operational excellence with our policy management solutions.

Challenges In Policy Management

Many policy breaches occur simply because staff are unaware of the policy. Where this breach concerns safety or security policies, the consequences can be drastic.

Policy management provides a formal process for acknowledging a regulatory requirement and translating this to action. Policies are more than just documents. Document control is an important part of policy management, but more than documents are required to affect behaviour change.

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Top Challenges In Policy Management
1. Training employees on policies
2. Aligning policies and keeping up with regulatory compliance
3. Improving version control, reducing policy redundancy and inaccuracy
4. Creating and updating documents easily
5. Providing quick and easy access to up to date policies
6. Timely approval and signature from employees
7. Creating audit trails and tracking completions

6 Steps to Policy Management Maturity

Define Need Icon

1. Define the need

A clearly defined objective provides strategy and scope for change. Investigate past performance, define specific KPIs, create and update strategy maps.

Assess Landscape Icon

2. Assess the landscape

Understand where the gaps are that policy must fill. Map policies and controls to requirements, perform impact and risk assessments for gap analysis.

Create Policy Icon

3. Create the policy

Gather subject matter experts to translate the aims and gaps to policy. Collaborative document drafting, approval workflows and audit trail make the process efficient and controlled.

Distribute Policy Icon

4. Distribute the policy

Clear communication focuses on staff on what change is needed. An accessible policy repository and acceptance tracking is a requirement for policy management.

Train Staff Icon

5. Train staff on the policy

Educate and affect change within the organisation. Action plans backed up with metric tracking and e-learning techniques drive.

Continual Development Icon

6. Continual development

Monitor success and keep the policy relevant. Policy breach investigation, controls assessment and version control are important policy management tools.

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