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Performance Management Software Solutions

Our performance management software solutions help organisations achieve strategic objectives and improve business performance. Integrate and optimise your processes to deliver a single version of the truth.

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Business Benefits

Effective performance management systems require comprehensive, real-time visibility of performance across the organisation. Comprehensive means a variety of perspectives – strategic, departmental, time-based and performance.

Once the strategy is defined, objectives made clear and key performance indicators (KPIs) set, the task on monitoring and improving strategic performance is a cycle that never stops.

Our enterprise performance management software makes the task of managing performance easier.

  • Complete visibility

    Enjoy complete visibility and control of performance and risk.

  • Streamline process

    Streamline processes and promote cross-organisational collaboration.

  • Easily adapt

    Easily adapt to the pace of change in modern business.

  • Establish value based organisation

    Establish a values-based organisation with a strong culture.

  • Safeguard company

    Safeguard company reputation.

  • Deliver productivity

    Deliver productivity benefits and cost savings.

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Critical Capabilities

Our SaaS performance management software is seamlessly integrated, meaning that key business objectives such as strategy, assessment, monitoring and reporting are all intrinsically linked.

Discover actionable insights with strategy maps, dashboards, charts and scorecards; review action plans and projects from multiple perspectives; provide management with a live view of risk, and consolidate customer communications in a single, structured system.

  • Risk Assessment

    Enterprise-wide risk assessment and documentation.

  • Real time performance

    Real-time performance vs. target visualisation.

  • Gantt Charts

    Gantt charts for effective project management.

  • Customisable workflows

    Customisable workflows, templates and notifications.

  • High level reporting

    High level reporting and executive dashboards.

  • Full audit trail

    Full audit trail including track changes.

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