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Order communications is the modern, paperless, efficient way of requesting and viewing Pathology and Radiology tests and diagnostics electronically. Ideagen electronic requesting or order communications solutions enable GP’s and clinicians to request procedures from laboratories and track their progress. This replaces less effective paper-based systems. 

Accessed through a web browser, the solution can be used to order requests either remotely from a GP surgery or directly from the hospital wards.

Order comms solutions from Ideagen are widely used for pathology, radiology and other laboratory requests. 

Used in both primary and acute contexts, dartOCM provides a patient centric approach to the delivery of results. 

  • Visibility of patient history 
  • Visibility and better control of demand 
  • Improved service to CCG’s and hospitals 
  • Improved patient safety and care quality

Order Comms Solution Features 

  • Simple - Web browser access allows pathology requests to be ordered remotely from the GP surgery or directly from the hospital.
  • Accurate - Automated data capture reduces clinical risk due to transcription errors.
  • Versatile - The software is both flexible and expandable, ensuring complete integration with existing infrastructures, including Lab to Lab, GP, or PAS.
  • Instant access - The status of each test can be viewed on the web browser at any stage, allowing immediate access to results, reducing laboratory time spent phoning through results, and reducing repeat tests due to missing information.
  • Workflow - Time saved in processing and communicating requests leads to a reduction in the pre analytical bottlenecks commonly associated with specimen reception.
  • Security - Software includes powerful encryption (SSL) and password technology at a system, folder, and document level.
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