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Operational Risk Management (ORM)

Ideagen is a leader in risk-based compliance, quality, safety and audit solutions. Our portfolio of popular, federated, best of breed software applications offers rich features and instruments to identify, assess, evaluate, treat and monitor both hazard and opportunity risks across your organisation.

Operational Risk Management leverages the disciplines of quality, safety and risk management to deliver high performance people, processes and organisations.

  • Be prepared when undesirable events occur or things start to go wrong
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Create a culture of reporting, accountability and diligence
  • Strengthen your brand and reputation with internal and external stakeholders

Comprehensive Operational Risk Management capabilities include:

  • Policy management and CA/PA
  • Risk assessment of incidents and occurrences
  • Risk registers
  • Risk visualisation and communication tools
  • Incident reporting and management
  • Identification and management of hazards
  • Identification and recording of potential causes of a negative event or opportunity
  • Management of control measures
  • Identification and categorisation of the negative event itself
  • Identification and assignment of the potential outcomes of that event
  • Management of recovery, mitigation and control measures
  • Performance monitoring, including monitoring of third party systems, with KPI thresholds set for automatic escalation
  • Integrated analytics

Learn more about identifying, understanding and managing risks throughout your business.

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Risk-Based Compliance

Q-Pulse, Q-Pulse Risk and Ideagen Coruson provide tools and methods to manage compliance with risk-based standards and regulations such as ISO 9001: 2015. Risk-based compliance is a journey that can begin with policies and procedures, moving on to risk assessed incidents and from there to anticipative risk modelling and automatic management of controls. Download the White Paper and find out how we help customers comply with risk-based standards

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