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Medical Records Management

Medical records are a cornerstone in the delivery of high-quality care. Readable, complete and accessible records are vital in making sure that care can be safe, effective and person-centred.

But storing, accessing and keeping medical records up-to-date is a challenge that takes a lot of time and effort to manage. And as more people need access to records – often at the same time – it becomes a complicated, expensive process.

Manage medical records, forms and workflows electronically and achieve:

  • Improved care quality and patient safety
  • Secure and timely access to information at the point of care and
  • Tangible efficiency and productivity gains

Improved care quality and patient safety

With a medical records management solution, you can support and augment existing processes, rather than forcing people to change the way they work to accommodate the system. And with a single place to store information from all sources, such a solution can also enable service and process re-design.

Secure and timely access to information at the point of care

A solution for medical records management enables records to be shared more easily across and between organisations. In addition, multiple users can access the same records concurrently, regardless of location.

Such a solution can also support an organisation’s compliance with data management standards such as BS10008 and, with secure access to records, it also supports greater compliance with data protection legislation.

Tangible efficiency and productivity gains

A medical records management solution enables efficiency savings as electronic records can be accessed quickly and easily. It can also greatly reduce the cost of staff, storage and transport needed to manage records.

With such a solution, savings can be up to and over several million pounds, providing a compelling business case for change. Its easy deployment across an organisation also minimises implementation costs and its rapid implementation optimises return-on-investment.

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