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Internal Audit

Improve the productivity and impact of your internal audit team. Ideagen’s modern internal audit solutions deliver the third line of defence that uncovers problems, raises awareness of emerging risks and provides management with the information and tools to improve efficiency.

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Business Benefits

For more than two decades, Ideagen’s Internal Audit software has delivered agility and productivity to internal auditors in many industries the world over.

This enterprise software product leverages Ideagen’s compliance and risk management portfolio, expertise and technology base to propagate a “three lines of defence” culture in your organisation. Extensive automation as well as mobile and flexible working capabilities transform the audit business processes, propagating best practice and delivering productivity improvements and cashable savings.

  • Improve Productivity

    Improve productivity of the internal audit team.

  • Risk-Based Approach

    Implement a consistent, risk-based approach to internal audit.

  • Assure Compliance

    Assure compliance with SOX and other financial reporting laws.

  • Global Oversight

    Global oversight of issues and risks.

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Critical Capabilities

Ideagen’s best of breed audit management software delivers a complete solution to implement a consistent methodology compliant with international risk and auditing standards. The product has the depth of functionality required because it has been created by auditors for auditors.

  • Risk-Based Audit

    Risk-based audit planning.

  • Follow-Up Automation

    Automation of follow-up tasks resulting from findings.

  • Resource Management

    Resource, time and expense management.

  • Evidence Management

    Audit work paper and evidence management.

  • Web Portal

    Web portal to support communication and collaboration.

  • Integrated SOX

    Integrated SOX, risk and data analytics.

  • Audit Reports

    Quick creation of Audit reports.

Level Up: Risk-Based Auditing

Many internal audit departments have been asking themselves the question: am I on the right path towards achieving my goals? This whitepaper, based on the IIA internal audit maturity model, demonstrates how mature internal audit teams harness the risk-focused audit execution functionality of Pentana Audit.

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