Food Safety Software For BRC Compliance

Our food safety management software helps minimise the cost and complexity of implementing and managing BRC compliance

Food and drink producers can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace using Ideagen's food safety software.  With a track record spanning over 20 years, our food safety compliance software has helped thousands of businesses and authorities implement, maintain and improve to drive down the cost of compliance whilst increasing quality and safety standards.  

Many food, drink and packaging companies try to achieve BRC compliance in a manual fashion with no overall system for coordination, review and monitoring of compliance. They struggle to keep it up-to-date and managed in an effective way. Even worse, there is often little or no continuous improvement initiative built into the system.

A major challenge for food businesses working to BRC Global Standards is the sheer breadth and depth of the management processes and systems required. The standards affect all aspects of the business from procurement and production to quality and safety and, of course, requires management commitment as a pre-requisite.  Our food safety software solution can help transform your Food Safety Quality Management System (FSQMS).

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