Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) means developing, sponsoring and propagating a holistic, integrated and strategic approach to the management of risk and compliance throughout your organisation.

  • ISO 31000 compliance
  • Protecting and creating value
  • Supporting decision making
  • Addressing uncertainty
  • Driving performance improvement
  • Delivering operational objectives

Create a Pervasive Risk Aware Culture

Consistency of approach to risk across the organisation, not just silo based point solutions
  • Use standardised risk models to store, view and manage risks in accessible registers
  • Engage all relevant staff in the process of risk assessment
  • Accelerate your business using real time intelligence of performance related risks: status, controls,
  • KPI’s and outstanding actions

Download the white paper: “The Golden Thread, Achieve Sustainable Competitive Advantage via RIsk-Based Compliance and Oversight”

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A Range of Flexible, Agile ERM Solutions

ERM – the all-pervasive, ISO 31000 approach to risk management throughout the organisation – demands agility and flexibility at the system level to avoid the creation of silos and resistance to  adoption.

  • Cloud or on-premise / hosted
  • Consistency of approach, tools and methodologies
  • Excellent analysis and reporting
  • Intuitive user experiences
  • Enterprise-grade elastic scaling

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Demonstrate Compliance with Risk-Based Standards and Regulations

  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 31000, ISO 27001
  • Risk-based approach to internal audit and audit automation
  • Statement of Applicability Generator that maps clauses in the regulation to controls such as policies and automatic alerts.
  • Internal controls, alerts, escalations, analysis and reporting.
  • Risk modelling and documentation: description, data, rating, impact, barriers and mitigations, causes and consequences.
  • Assessment and analysis tools.
  • Response automation, action management and process modelling tools.
  • Tools for risk reporting, communication and real time performance monitoring of KPI’s.

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