Emergency Department (ED) Management

Accident and emergency departments are under enormous pressure from demographic and social challenges, economic austerity, a rise in chronic illnesses, consumer expectations and the impact of technology to name but a few sources. Part of the answer is better technology that enables efficient, controlled, safe clinical processes. 

The Ideagen ED Management Solution has been specifically designed to provide effective and efficient support for the treatment of patients throughout the Emergency Department (ED) management cycle. 

Our Emergency Department management software conforms to the latest patient charter requirements and may run as a standalone product or interfaced to the hospital’s Patient Administration System (PAS) system.

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With the Emergency Department Management Solution from Ideagen you can:

  • Track patients through the department
  • Triage and fast track patients more easily
  • Quickly access previous attendance records
  • Track costs to the department
  • Standardise care and ensure best practice
  • Track patient status through regular observations
  • Flag frequent flyers
  • Stay on top of mandatory audits
  • Track outcomes, breaches and costs
  • Safeguard the reputation of the unit, hospital, trust, profession and the NHS 

Emergency Department Management Solution Features

  • Patient registration with access to Accident & Emergency database, local or remote PMI database, and postcode search to assist with patient identification.
  • A comprehensive sepsis workflow. From early detection of SIRS, through to the treatment of sepsis.
  • Full triage facilities with optional ‘triage assessment’ processing.
  • Patient location tracking with access to past history and stored electronic patient documents.
  • Customised patient documentation and patient identification labels.
  • Extensive clinical information coding.
  • Facility to map to a choice of three equivalent codes for hospital mapping and CMDS extract purposes.
  • Extensive enquiry facilities, including retrieval of electronic patient notes.
  • Patient clinic appointment management subsystem.
  • Comprehensive input prompting and help text.
  • Intuitive department "white board" facility with enhanced patient information display.
  • Integration with other Ideagen and third party systems
  • Clinician information input for investigation treatment and diagnosis with efficient 'drag & drop' functionality.
  • Radiology, Pathology and Cardiology requesting features, with full interface capabilities into existing systems.
  • Support for patient document scanning and import of digital camera images.
  • Full support for effective collection of patient timing information together with warning prompts to assist in the efficient treatment of patients within the national guidelines.
  • Effective support for patient discharge including clinical prompts, advice leaflets, and discharge letters. When applicable, patient admission support to hospital PAS.
  • Comprehensive reporting facilities including current ESC recommendations. User definable reports are provided.
  • Clinician patient information input via wireless PDA devices is available.
  • Patient Care Pathway design and printing is supported.
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