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Emergency Department Management

For many, the emergency department is the first stage in the patient journey in acute care. Making sure patients can be tracked and processed through to handover or discharge is critical to being able to deliver effective and efficient treatment and care.

From battling patient waiting times to plugging staff shortages, doctors, nurses and reception staff in hospital Emergency Departments (ED) are continuously under pressure to meet targets while keeping a potentially uncomfortable experience for the patient to a minimum.

Track patients from point of arrival at hospital until departure and achieve:

  • Improved care quality and patient safety
  • Secure and timely access to information at the point of care and
  • Tangible efficiency and productivity gains

Improved care quality and patient safety

With a solution for emergency department management, you can identify patients quickly and easily with access to your Accident and Emergency database, local or remote Patient Master Index (PMI) database and postcode search.

You can also track patients’ locations with access to past history and stored electronic patient documents and clinical prompts help make sure you can deliver patient care within the national guidelines.

Secure and timely access to information at the point of care

A solution for emergency department management can help create customised patient documentation and patient identification labels.

Such solutions also give you full support for effective collection of patient timing information, together with extensive enquiry facilities, including access to electronic patient notes.

Tangible efficiency and productivity gains

An emergency department management solution makes it easier to track and achieve targets while preventing loss of remuneration. And by improving quality coding against patient episodes, you can also reduce missed remuneration for under-coded activity.

Such solutions can also let you increase productivity with the ability to manage departmental workload more efficiently. In addition, by improving the accuracy of activity and metrics, you can continually meet national waiting time targets.

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